Sunday, February 17, 2008

Urban Nomad Hong Kong: March 7-9

Whoopee! We're going to Hong Kong, and we're totally stoked about working with local HK groups Videotage and Microwave, who are helping us put on a 3-day festival right in the guts of Wanchai. Check out all the info on the Videotage website.

The programming will include our favorite Taiwanese stuff from our 2007 festival plus two feature films: Crossing the Line tells of the last American defector from the Korean war and his life in North Korea today. Pervert's Guide to Cinema features rock star philosopher taking a look at nearly a century of film history and telling us that "Cinema is the ultimate pervert art."

The best part will be Saturday night, March 8, when we re-appropriate Wanchai's Imperial Cinema. Having been closed and out-of-business for years, the Imperial Cinema remains as it was 30 years ago with the original lights, decorations, mirrors and movie posters from the 80’s. Years of non-use and neglect have left the interior theatre spaces and seats deteriorated. In hopes to make use of the rare and retro cinema space, (before land investors come to reclaim and gentrify the building) we will be taking over a section of the central hallway for a special feature-night screening event.

For specific times and locations, check the press release.

城市遊牧影展 香港站

時間:2008年3月7 、8、 9日 (周五/六/日 )

KLUUBB (香港灣仔軒尼詩道367號富德樓14樓)

「城市遊牧影展」於2002年在台北成立,是台灣唯一獨立地下影展。 獨特的電影放映空間是「城市遊牧影展」的特色之一。組識致力破壞傳統「黑盒子」電影院概念並安排另類的放映空間,以解放死板的戲院經驗為目的,給觀眾帶來簇新的觀賞經驗,一個另類的溝通機會。這一站 - 香港 - 我們將會在懷舊的灣仔京都戲院播放影片及進行講座。

電影不止是娛樂、亦不是教我們如何扮有型;它是一個溝通及建構社區的媒介。是次影展,我們將介紹來自不同國家的短片及紀錄片,包括香港、台灣,北韓和三藩市等,亦邀請了影片導演Nick Bonner(英國/北京)進行演後座談。

價錢 // Tickets: HK$30

節目表 // Program schedule:

07/03/2008 (五) 7:30pm @ 錄影太奇
Everyday Tsunamis: Socially conscious documentaries, from HK, Taiwan and across southeast Asia (90min)

07/03/2008 (五) 9:15pm @ 錄影太奇
Wholphin - the San Francisco DVD magazine with shorts by Miranda July, Eroll Morris and others (75min)

08/03/2008 (六) 7:00pm @ 京都戲院
Taiwanese Indie Shorts: from Internet films to winner of Venice Critics’ Prize Lin Jing-jie (90min)

08/03/2008 (六) 9:00pm @ 京都戲院
North Korean documentary Crossing the Line (90min) with filmmaker talk with Nick Bonner (UK/Beijing)

08/03/2008 (日) 凌晨開始 after-party @ Kluubb
Free after-party w/ fun surf/skate videos from Urban Nomad.

09/03/2008 (日) 7pm @ Kluubb
Pervert's Guide to Cinema (150min) + closing gathering