Sunday, February 17, 2008


NT$12,000 in prizes! New section for video art! We need volunteers!

The Urban Nomad Film Fest is now accepting entries for its 2009 festival, to take place in Taipei and Hsinchu in late April and early May. We will give NT$12,000 in prizes for the best short local films. The entry deadline is March 1.

We are also looking for VOLUNTEERS, especially translators and event staff. If you’re interested, please apply through our website.

People keep asking us what our theme is, so we came up with “Sex, Drugs and Human Rights” for 2009. If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry about it. We’re looking for films that are: weird, funny, extreme, socially concerned, political, sex-related, documentary, rock ‘n roll, skate/surf, experimental, etc., etc.

This year we will create a second, special screen for video art. Get excited. It’ll be near the beer.

Rules and Suggestions:
- Films under 15 minutes stand a greater chance of getting accepted.
- Priority will be given to films with both Chinese and English: in other words, Chinese language films should English subtitles, and all other films should have Chinese subtitles.
- Films should be produced no later than 2007.
- Do not submit the same film you submitted in previous years.
- You must fill out one application form per film.
- Each film should be on its own DVD.
- You can send more than one DVD per package.
- Please send regular mail via the post office, no need for express or courier mail.

If your film or is accepted, you will be invited to an opening party, toasted royally, and if you can speak at the screening of your film, that would be awesome!

- Translators: English to Chinese translation subtitles for three to five films. English to Chinese interpretation for one or two director talks.
- Event staff: For screenings, music events and parties. Come have fun with us!

International Applications: We are very happy to receive submissions from outside Taiwan and even outside of Asia. Every year we invite several international feature-length films and documentaries to screen as part of the festival and in recent years we have invited directors to speak. If you have a feature-length film, please let us know about it by late January, which is when we usually decide on feature programming. We are willing to show any important or new ideas, approaches or histories in film, but also please remember that we are fundamentally a local film festival for Taiwan, and it is only from this position that we can establish links to the Asia region and the rest of the world. Films with Chinese are logistically much easier for us to show, and we’re always looking for great films from Taiwan’s neighbors. That said, if you believe you have a great film that fits our style, we’re very happy to take a look.

ENTRY DEADLINE: March 1, 2009
ADDRESS: 5F, #16 Jinmen St., Taipei, Taiwan


(cut and paste into word file, also change the FONT color!!)
2009 Urban Nomad Film Festival Submission Form

Name of Film/ 電影影片名稱 (中/英) ___________________________________
Director/ 導演 (中/英) ______________________________________________
Contact Person/ 聯絡人 ____________________________________________
Telephone/ 電話 _________________________________________________
Email/ 電子郵件 __________________________________________________
Mailing address/ 地址 ______________________________________________
Year the film was produced/ 製作年次 _________________________________
Country where the film was produced/ 製作國家 _________________________
Length (minutes)/ 片長 (分鐘) ________________________________________
Language/ 語言 ___________________________________________________
Subtitles/ 字幕語言 ________________________________________________
Genre/ 類型:
narrative documentary animation kuso video art experimental / other
劇情片 記錄片 動畫 惡搞 影像藝術 實驗/其他

Is this film a premier? If so, is it for:/ 此影片是否將會是首映?
Taipei 台北首映 Taiwan台灣首映 Asia亞洲首映 World 世界首映

Please list past festival appearances and awards for your film

Brief introduction of film and filmmaker (200words or less )/ 劇情摘要與導演簡介(300個字以內):

2009 Urban Nomad Film Festival Film Release Form

Applicant 參賽者 (以下簡稱甲方):__________________________________

Film 參賽影片 (以下簡稱影片):______________________________________

1) The applicant guarantees the work is original.

2) The applicant grants permission to Urban Nomad for purposes of the 2008 Urban Nomad Film Festival to screen the film as part of events related to the Urban Nomad Film Festival, publish still images from the film, and otherwise use the film for purposes of publicity, such as inclusion on a promotional DVD.

3) Urban Nomad has been invited to present films in art and film events outside Taiwan. I give permission for Urban Nomad to show my film at such invited events, provided Urban Nomad notifies me of the screenings.

YES 同意 ______
NO 不同意 ______

4) Rebroadcast or future showing of the film not associated with Urban Nomad will require subsequent agreement by the filmmaker.

Applicant Signature / 甲方簽名 ___________________________________

DATE / 日期 : __________YEAR年__________MONTH月___________DAY日

Submission Rules

Application deadline: March 1, 2009
收件截止日期:2009年 3月1日

Format: DVD or MPEG2 (for some accepted films, we may later ask for mini DV, beta SP or other high quality versions). Do not send us .MOV files. We will not watch them.
徵片規格: DVD、MPEG2,我們不收.MOV檔案。之後可能會請您另外提供 mini DV、beta SP 或其他畫質較佳的影片規格。
Subtitling: The festival aims to be bilingual in Chinese and English. Films with subtitles will be preferred. We reserve the right to refuse films without subtitles.
字幕規格: 「城市游牧影展」希望以中英雙語字幕播放,有字幕的影片將優先錄取。

Production year and other restrictions: Films should be produced 2007 or later and have never been used to apply to Urban Nomad previously. Please fill out one application per film you send.
製作年與其他限制: 製作年要2007-2009。年如果去年以一部影片申請 , 請別再以它申請。每部申請的影片須要附一張申請書。

Fee: There is no fee, but we ask you to sign a release form giving us permission to show your film.
費用: 免費,但請您加簽許可書,准許我們放映您的影片。


Urban Nomad
5F, #16 Jinmen St., Taipei, Taiwan