Sunday, January 09, 2011

URBAN NOMAD 2011: call for submissions and volunteers

Once again, back! It's the incredible! The film animal! The uncannable!

The Urban Nomad Film Fest is now accepting entries for its TENTH annual festival, to take place in Taipei, Taiwan starting in early May 2011, to be followed by touring dates to other cities in Taiwan. This year will continue to combine the world's best indie docs and with Taiwan's best short films, and we're also going to rig up a total environment for the video arts, which will be more than a viewing experience, it will be an actual experience.... And you have a chance to be part of it. In fact, we can't do it without you! Please send us your kick-butt documentaries, short films, experimental films and video art. If you want to help out with Urban Nomad, we would also love to have you as a festival volunteer.

Total prize money for our Taiwan Short Film Competition has increased to NT$40,000, with a TOP JURY PRIZE of NT$25,000!!! There will also be a second prize of NT$7,500 and an audience prize of NT$7,500.

The competition is for short films (under 60 minutes) produced in Taiwan, by Taiwanese directors or that have some significant relationship to Taiwan.* There are no restrictions on genre. Our definition of "film" includes any time-based work that can be burned onto a DVD, including documentary, narrative, experimental, video art and other genres.

We are also extremely happy to receive non-competition films, i.e. films from outside Taiwan or feature-length films. International directors, we encourage you to submit your films. You are a very important part of our programming, and every year we sponsor director visits and related events, which helps our community here to grow. We will be very good to you.

The entry deadline is February 28. (We must RECEIVE your film by this date.)

Rules and Suggestions:
- Films under 15 minutes stand a greater chance of getting accepted.
- Around 12 feature-length films are accepted each year, on average
- Priority will be given to films with both Chinese and English: in other words, Chinese language films should have English subtitles, and films in any other language should ideally have Chinese subtitles
- Films should be produced no earlier than 2009.
- Do not submit the same film you submitted in previous years.
- You must fill out one application form per film you submit.
- Each film should be on its own, separate DVD.
- You can send more than one DVD (and application form) per package.
- It is easiest for us to receive regular or registered mail via the post office.

If your film is accepted, you will be entitled to FREE ENTERY to all Urban Nomad events, including screenings and parties. Basically, we hope you can come hang out and enjoy the festival with us. Also, if you can speak at the screening of your film, that would be awesome!

*note: Eligibility for the competition is at the discretion of the Urban Nomad Film Fest.

We need translators (English to Chinese) for film subtitles and event Staff for screenings and other events. Send us an email with VOLUNTEER in the subject line, and let us know a little about yourself and why you'd like to join our team. We will contact you about 2 months before the festival to check your availability.

Deadline: February 28
Format: DVD or MEPG2 (NTSC)
Address: 5F #16 Jinmen St., Taipei 100, Taiwan

Download Entry Forms: click here
Questions: urbannomadfilmfest [at]