Sunday, January 24, 2010

UN2010: Open Call for Films

Taiwan's indie showcase for short films, docs and video art!

The Urban Nomad Film Fest is now accepting entries for its ninth annual festival, to take place in Taipei and Hsinchu starting April 30, 2010. There are NT$15,000 in prizes for the best short local films. The entry deadline is March 10 for short films, and March 1 for films over 40-minutes or coming from outside Taiwan.

This year we're getting with the environmental program, so we'll feature a program on the environment. There are just too many great new documentaries on this topic, and we'll debut several of them here in Taiwan. Otherwise, we will present the best new short films from Taiwan and cool-wierd ideas in film from the rest of the world. We also have a new category for 1-3 minute kuso films (kuso is Japanese for "shit" but implies a sense of clowning around.) What are we looking for? Films that are: extreme, socially concerned, political, sex-related, documentary, rock 'n roll, weird, funny, skate/surf, experimental, etc., etc. This year we also have something special in mind for the video art section. We'll also give some kick-ass parties and the best alternative film-watching environment in Taiwan.

International Applications and Features: Every year we invite several international feature-length films and documentaries and 1-2 directors for visits to Taipei. We are especially interested in cutting edge documentaries that would not otherwise be seen in Taiwan. We are looking for films that represent underground, indie or progressive currents, and we are willing to indulge the experimental. Films that fit this year's eco-focus theme are also naturally welcome, as are music films.

Rules and Suggestions:
- Films under 15 minutes stand a greater chance of getting accepted.
- No more than 12 feature-length films are accepted each year, on average (NEW!!)
- Priority will be given to films with both Chinese and English: in other words, Chinese language films should have English subtitles, and all other films should have Chinese subtitles.
- Films should be produced no earlier than 2008.
- Do not submit the same film you submitted in previous years.
- You must fill out one application form per film you submit.
- Each film should be on its own, separate DVD.
- You can send more than one DVD (and application form) per package.
- It is easiest for us to receive regular or registered mail via the post office.

If your film is accepted, you will be entitled to FREE ENTERY to all Urban Nomad events, including screenings and parties. Basically, we want to hang out with you. Also, if you can speak at the screening of your film, that would be awesome!

We need translators (English to Chinese) for film subtitles and event Staff for screenings and other events. Send us an email with VOLUNTEER in the subject line. We will contact you 1-2 months before the festival to check your availability.

Deadline: March 1 - international films and Feature-Length Films
March 10 - short films
Format: DVD or MEPG2 (NTSC)
Address: 5F #16 Jinmen St., Taipei 100, Taiwan

Download Entry Forms: MS Word version or .PDF version